Enough, Enough


Not willingly but quickly

we fled the dreaded scene. Fresh

the feeling. Clear the motive.

Like children from a prickly

possum, the moment they press

Danger, we rushed remote. I've


tasted water sweeter than air,

immersed myself in someone's hair,

stepped on a needle. I've swiped

a dollar without a care

for whom I've deprived. Don't stare;

you've done as much. The slate wiped


clean, that's what I think I mean

here. Concentration pure. No

lesson left behind to plague

mere experience. To have seen

enough, enough, let it go,

and then succumb to the ache . . .


Too easy to be a part

of history like this. Pray

it doesn't happen to you.

It requires no special art

nor grace, just being in the way,

since it doesn't matter who.



—John Gery



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