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What's in Store for the Journal of Southern Religion

This is the last issue that we as current editors (Bland Whitley and Randall Stephens) will edit for the Journal of Southern Religion.  We’ve been at it for some time now and we believe that it’s now the right moment for a new set of editors to take the reins. (Randall has written about some of the things that the editorial team has “done and what we have left undone” at the Religion and American History Blog.)  It’s been a lively, fulfilling endeavor for all of us. 

But on to the future . . . Michael Pasquier (Religious Studies Department, Louisiana State University) will move in as editor, and Luke Harlow (History Department, Oakland University) will serve as associate editor beginning with the 2011 issue.  We couldn’t be more pleased that these two rising stars in the field of religious history have agreed to take the JSR to the next stage.  Both have considerable experience as editors.  Along with their other work, Mike has edited a special issue of the JSR with Tracy Fessenden (http://jsr.fsu.edu/Katrina/FrontKatrina.htm), and Luke has served as an editorial assistant with the Journal of Southern History and has edited a volume on American religion and politics with Mark Noll.

On other fronts, Lee Willis will also be stepping down as book review editor, which Art Remillard will be taking over.  Lee has done extraordinary work in that role, organizing feature reviews and getting a wonderful range of writers to contribute.  His efforts are greatly appreciated.  And we look forward to what Art has in store for the book review section.  Art will also be stepping down as managing editor/web designer.  Art has done herculean work over the years.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for his attention to detail, tireless efforts, and labors in the Tron-like world of cyberspace.  Emily Clark, Florida State University has agreed to join the JSR as our new managing editor/webmaster.  We welcome her on board and are thrilled that she has agreed to take on this role.

We are encouraged that the future of the journal remains bright.  As usual, the editorial team will be open to suggestions, queries, and the like.  Thanks to our contributors and our readers for making this a rewarding, intellectually stimulating venture.

- The Editors

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