Journal of Southern Religion

Volume 2    1999


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Faithfulness vs. Faith: John Huston's Version of Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood   PAMELA DEMORY

Continued Captivity: A Study of Bartow County Georgia   MARK BELL

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book reviews

New! Andrew M. Manis. A Fire You Canít Put Out: The Civil Rights Life of Birminghamís Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, DOUGLAS E.  THOMPSON

John W. Quist, Restless Visionaries: The Social Roots of Antebellum Reform in Alabama and Michigan, CHRISTOPHER OWEN

Rhys Isaac, Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790 (With a New Preface), TIMOTHY D. HALL

William Blair, Virginia's Private War: Feeding Body and Soul in the Confederacy, 1861-1865, ANNE SARAH RUBIN

Wayne Flynt, Alabama Baptists: Southern Baptists in the Heart of Dixie, WALTER B. SHURDEN

Miller, Stout, and Wilson, eds., Religion and the American Civil War, EDWARD L. AYERS

Eugene D. Genovese, A Consuming Fire: The Fall of the Confederacy in the Mind of the White Christian South, BERTRAM WYATT-BROWN

Cynthia Lynn Lyerly, Methodism and the Southern Mind, 1770-1810, CHERYL JUNK.

Gregory A. Wills, Democratic Religion: Freedom, Authority, and Church Discipline in the Baptist South 1785-1900   BILL J. LEONARD.

John H. Wigger, Taking Heaven By Storm: Methodism and the Rise of Popular Christianity in America, RICHARD J. CARWARDINE.

Edward J. Larson, Summer for the Gods: the Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate about Religion and Science, RANDALL BALMER.

Daniel W. Stowell, Rebuilding Zion: The Religious Reconstruction of the South, 1863-1877.  RANDY J. SPARKS

Selma S. Lewis. A Biblical People in the Bible Belt: The Jewish Community of Memphis, Tennessee, 1840s-1960s.   ERIC MICHAEL MAZUR

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